Back to the future

Ian McMaster
Ian McMaster, Editor-in-chief

A recent trip by train to Stuttgart catapulted me both back to the past and, at the same time, into the future.

Stuttgart, one of Germany's motor cities, is just a two-hour train ride from the other great motor city in the country's deep south, Munich.

On a good day, it is also only a couple of hours by car between the two cities. But there are rarely many good days along this route, unless you drive in the middle of the night.

How ironic that the motorway connection between these two car-making cities is often one of the least pleasant drives in the country (although the section between Munich and Ulm is now considerably better than it was).

The reason for my recent trip — which I took together with my colleagues Eamonn Fitzgerald and Dagmar Taylor — was to host a one-day workshop for trainers who work for the language training organization kmp.

Dagmar, Eamonn and I looked at issues relating to language, communication skills and technology, as well as how to put teaching ideas into practice. It was a thoroughly enjoyable and productive day.

Arriving at Stuttgart station took me back nearly 20 years to the late 1990s when Eamonn and I met at the same station. We were on our way to visit the company Six, which was helping us to build the very first version of a website for Spotlight magazine. It was hard to believe that almost 20 years had passed since that visit.

Spotlight's website, which was relaunched recently, is now on its third version. And very soon, Business Spotlight's website will also be relaunched in a similar design.

The redesigned website will include many exciting new features, including interactive exercises and tests, and a special vocabulary trainer that will enable you to customize your learning of key words and phrases.

We are very much looking forward to both our new website and your feedback.

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